mercredi 31 janvier 2018

BM 18 - Interview with Love and Shukla's filmaker par Louise Cardinaux

The story of two hardnesses: the one of making a film and the one of finding a lover

The questions were asked by the public. Questions and answers have not all been written. Also, the sentences have been rearranged: some have been cut, some have been shortened.

What inspired this film? 
I've always had stories to narrate. But when I wanted to make a film, every institution rejected me. So I decided to make it with my own money. That's why I had very less budget. I had to make sure that there were very less characters and that I could film in only one place. I also filmed it within twelve days. 

How did you come about the idea to make a film about love and intimacy? 
I was sitting at the beach to think about what story I wanted to tell. I realised many people were making love on the beach. I was wondering why it was so. After looking at the statistics I found out that almost 55% of Mumbai's population lived in constrained houses. That's why I made a film about it. 

Were the actors professional actors? How much time did it take to rehearse?
All actors are professional but there are also all friends that I met at the acting school where we were. We had to rehearse between 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. because that was the only moment when we could rehearse in a proper studio. For 25 days we rehearsed during our early mornings.

How many people were you on the stream? 
We were 18 people. But some people sometimes came to help because they were excited about the film.

There are mainly two things that we've learned with Love and Shukla's history and characters: never give up your projects, in movies' industry as well as in love.

Siddharth Jatla, réalisateur de Love and Shukla

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